My life as a Bleisure Traveller … Thomas Anders

Thomas Anders is one of the most successful German artists. He was part of the pop duo ‚Modern Talking‘, is a songwriter, music producer, presenter and author of cooking books. He tours the world with songs from his career. We spoke to him about his life on the road as a Business and Bleisure Traveller.

Thomas, how many days a year are you on the road?

I estimate 220 to 240 days. I just got home yesterday for
24 hours for the first time in three weeks.

Do you enjoy travelling so much?

It‘s getting more and more stressful. Maybe that‘s because I‘m getting older, however travelling has also changed. The reliability is gone. Not just with the railway, but also with the airlines. It used to take me an hour to change planes at airports. Today, I only book flights with two to three hours in between. Unless there‘s a delay, the luggage won‘t come with me. I prefer travelling by car.

But you still have to fly around the world a lot. What is ­important to you?

I fly Business in Europe and only First intercontinentally. Also when I‘m with my family.

Favourite airline?

I‘ve been a HON with Lufthansa for many years. What can I say, since the coronavirus I‘ve also taken advantage of the VIP service at the airport whenever possible. It‘s simply less stress if something is cancelled, I can continue onwards quickly.

What do you always have with you when you fly?

Laptop, passport and a bag with medication etc.


I prefer to eat in the lounge, not during the flight. It‘s all too bland and boring for me, and I tend to only drink water and a glass of white wine in the air.

What about working while travelling?

I always have my laptop with me. Of course, I answer my emails when I can. During flights, I enjoy the mobile phone and Wifi-free zone.

To what extent do you live Bleisure?

Never alone. When I go on tour to the USA, my wife and son sometimes come with me and we combine my concerts with a few days of holiday. A concert in New York and relaxing in the Hamptons, for example. Otherwise I play so many shows around the world that I‘m glad to be home from time to time.

What kind of hotels do you prefer?

If possible, always the ones I already know or from hotel chains that I like. Kempinski, for example, or Ritz-Carlton. Five stars doesn‘t just stand for luxury, but above all for a functioning 24-hour service. If I come back to the hotel at night after a performance and need something, it should work perfectly – no matter what it is.
My absolute no-go is a room without a window that I can open.

Do you also have a hotel ritual?

I always have a small bottle of lavender spray with me. I spray it on my pillow. It gives me such a cosy feeling and I can fall asleep better. The same scent all over the world.

Thank you very much for the interview, Thomas!


Thomas Anders

In 2024, Thomas Anders will be travelling a lot again and giving concerts, including tours in the USA, South Africa and France.
In Germany he will sing his own songs on an XXL tour and go on tour again with Florian Silbereisen. His current cookbook is called:
Thomas Anders – Meine Lieblingsrezepte, TreTorri Verlag.

Foto: © Julia Guillo