The Bleisure Traveller Team

“We have travelled to the destinations with great passion, experienced them, researched them professionally. And together with our authors, we present them personally, honestly and factually. Because we are Bleisure Travellers ourselves and consider the topics of Bleisure Travel, Remote Work and Longstay more important than ever. We want to ‘revive’ the business travel world with this, to help it to a lively re-start with new impulses after Corona.”

With Bleisure Traveller, we present exciting metropolises and destinations online and in print to extend your business stay privately – or to work remotely for days and weeks and plan time out. We inspire Bleisure fans. We love to extend the stay everywhere!

Kai Böcking

Ever since I started working on TV, I’ve been traveling. The formats that I first presented and then produced later, took place abroad. I became a travel professional against my will, with the aim of making the most of every trip. Every year I travel for TV productions, for the magazine Business Traveller and privately about 200 days a year. These are many days, many airlines, many hotels, many discoveries, but also many disappointments and wrong (booking) decisions. The Bleisure Traveller is the experience I have gained over the last 30 years around the globe. I travel for business, but still want to get to know the country, people and cultures. And relax or combine life and work in a foreign country for several weeks. Welcome to our site.

Sylvie Konzack

Being free and absorbing diversity – for me this can only be done in pure form on my travels. And I’ve probably always been looking for that professionally, too: whether studying cultural and communication sciences, as a hospitality editor or as a freelance journalist. Until 2017, as editor-in-chief of the hotel magazine First Class, I spent many years looking over the shoulders of the makers of travel experiences, travelling a lot, experiencing and discussing many trends with many participants. And there is one thing that has been with me for a long time: that people today are looking for more meaning in their work, they want to be valued – and that business travel should be more than just hurrying from A to B for them. Travelling, living and working. For a few days or several weeks in faraway places. For new perspectives, ideas, energies. We look forward to inspiring you.

We dedicate our own website to this trend – and create a space for the relaxed moments of our business trips. Relax with us…