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BLEISURE Remote Work

Are you the remote working type?

Remote work, workation & co. have their very own challenges.
Here are five questions you should ask yourself before deciding in favour of remote work:

1. Self-motivation:

Can you motivate yourself to work, even there is no supervisor around, set your own goals and work on them independently? Self-motivation is crucial for ­staying productive, especially when your workplace is also your home.

2. Time management skills:

Do your strengths include ­organising your time well, minimising distractions and ­staying focused? Effective time management is essential
for workation.

3. Communication skills:

Remote work requires more digital communication. Can you express yourself well in writing? ­
Do you enjoy communicating virtually and like to deal with technical solutions?

4. Independence:

Are you able to make decisions independently and solve problems without constant guidance? Personal responsibility and independence are prerequisites for ­feeling comfortable while working remotely.

5. Suitable workplace:

Do you have a quiet and well-equipped workplace in your serviced apartment or hotel room for being able to concentrate and work productively?

If yes is your answer for most of these questions and you can recognise yourself in these points, then remote work will suit you – and could reveal completely new perspectives.

Angela Barzen …

… is a business coach, consultant and speaker in Munich. She trains start-ups and medium-sized companies that want to introduce new ideas to the market.

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