LCC new partner of Bleisure Traveller

Bleisure Traveller and Lufthansa CityCenter have been cooperation partners since July and will work together editorially on the topics of bleisure, workation and remote work.“

Lufthansa City Center (LCC), with its more than 580 travel agencies in 105 countries, has already been involved in Bleisure and Workation for several years. “We can serve the topics very well because, in addition to the business travel units, we have very professional travel agencies that can build great combinations for Workation,” explains Markus Orth, Managing Director of LCC. LCC and Bleisure Traveller already worked together editorially in 2019. As part of the current partnership, Bleisure Traveller will provide reports on Bleisure and Workation destinations and specialist articles on trends etc. for the LCC media channels. There will also be collaboration on conferences, among other things.

“We value Bleisure Traveller’s expertise, its reach and the compact presentation of topics,” says Markus Orth, Managing Director of LCC.
“We look forward to cooperating with LCC as a renowned travel agency partner with great clout. Together, we want to raise awareness of the growing possibilities of Bleisure and Workation for business travellers and employers alike and demonstrate their feasibility,” say Sylvie Konzack and Kai Böcking, the founders and editors of Bleisure Traveller.

Photo: LCC

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