“Workout, Wellfood, Beach – Miami is the perfect business place for me to live a healthy lifestyle.” Sara Yussefi, global communications manager in the pharmaceutical industry.

“Wow, where you can get anywhere in your job. You have a life! Classic aphorisms of those who watch from afar probably all know regular professional travelers. And, basically they’re right for now. Because it is a real privilege to see something of the world and get to know people from new cultures. But of course there is, as always, a but: What looks glamorous in narratives and on Instagram requires some discipline. After all, we’re all not getting any younger with a view to long flights, air-conditioned meeting rooms, too much food and the occasional drink with colleagues. Whining at a high level? For sure! Nevertheless, healthy travelling is the be-all and end-all for me. In concrete terms this means: no matter where I work, I try to bring a bit of routine into my everyday life there – and there are certainly better and worse business travel destinations for that. In my opinion, Miami is one of the best.

Bienvenido a Miami

This town! Famous for Art Déco hotels, neon bikinis, and its Latino Vibe. I am always a little bit in love with the energy of this tropical metropolis, which is so different from the typical America and even the rest of Florida. And: Miami is a Mecca to stay fit on business trips without spending the evenings in your hotel room nibbling carrots and having fun. But I’ll say it straight away: if you want to be beautiful, you have to suffer at least a little bit – a dream beach and sun included!

Business Stay … and Sport Session

At least for us Europeans jetlag has an advantage: Usually I am awake from 5 o’clock in the morning at the latest. And when I spend the night near Miami Beach – often at the East Hotel – it means: Get into my most colorful sportswear and out to the free outdoor gym – Miami beach! An absolute highlight is the jogging track at South Beach, the so-called Miami Beach Boardwalk. The sun rises here relaxed, the noise of the Atlantic is better than any Spotify playlist, and together with other jogging or walking Early Birds I walk comfortably up to the South Pointe Park Pier and am rewarded with a fantastic sea view.

On the way back I make a short stop at Lummus Park. In the public park between South Beach and Ocean Drive, where fitness freaks and jet-lagged people like me meet to train in the morning sun on the various open-air fitness machines. The perfect end to my sports session before I spend most of the day sitting in meetings.

Business Food

Miami, like Los Angeles, in the United States, are the cities of body awareness. So it’s no surprise that I find a delicious and healthy selection of breakfast in almost every hotel or in the surrounding area. My tip after the workout: Avocado toast with egg in the Cadillac Hotel or in the SLS South Beach Hotel. Also delicious is Oatmeal or an “Organic Smoody” at Dr. Smood (photo right).

At noon my colleague and I always say: We never skip meals. And you can solve this in Miami in a healthy way. As in many other places in the world, the Poké Bowls have also celebrated their triumph here, and in fact they are a fantastic and fresh lunch alternative to the usual sandwiches and co. My recommendation: Poké 305 in Miami South Beach or Poké Life in Brickell. And ideally, fingers off mini muffins and mayo-heavy wraps served during meetings. In Miami there are also shops on every corner selling delicious nut mixes, for example, which are my favourite snack for the small appetite.

Business Get-out in Miami

In the evening it doesn’t matter whether a business dinner with a colleague is coming up or the free evening is tempting: In Miami you get dressed up! Always! And I love it! My favourites are the elegant evening in Leynia, the fusion restaurant of the beautiful Delano South Beach Hotel, or the cool evening in one of the many top restaurants in the artists’ quarter of Wynwood, for example in Beaker and Gray, KYU or Three (photo below). All offer a great ambience, interesting people and delicious and (if you like) light cuisine. Finally: Miami’s obligatory final drink in one of the city’s many stylish bars. Most South Beach hotels have well-attended bars where you can watch the city’s beauties along with your cocktails and sea breezes. My tip here: Vodka-Soda with fresh lime juice – tasty and less calories, because no sugared juices.

Sure, from time to time I let myself be caught by the nightly vibe of the city… But as a rule, even after a working day in Miami, when I managed to move physically, eat lightly and even keep the damage under control with my drinks in the bar, it’s still Buenas Noches and Good Night for me. The next working day is coming up – and finally I don’t want to miss the sunrise at the morning run on the beach!

Sara Yussefi …

is enthusiastic about Miami’s fitness and lifestyle possibilities. As a global communications manager in the pharmaceutical industry, she spends about half of her working hours on the road – often in Miami. Bleisure starts here for her early in the morning with jogging on the beach and before the meeting.

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