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Lead better with Bleisure Coaching

„With our new Bleisure Coaching, we get leaders to change their perspective for two days away from their normal environment and strengthen their leadership skills while enjoying sun, sea and sports.” Marc Weitzmann, Managing Director of Let’s Talk Hospitality

Bleisure thought through further: Marc Weitzmann has created a new, professional business coaching that combines nature and leisure experiences with the new possibilities of remote work. For this, he invites executives to Lisbon for Bleisure Coaching as an intensive individual training. “Whether as a two-day personal kick-off or as motivational leadership training for the (new) employee – Bleisure Coaching is suitable for many professional situations and not least enables employers to make the famous difference,” says the trainer and founder of Let’s Talk Hospitality.

Three coaching parts including leadership expedition

Under the motto “Let’s lead, talk, walk”, the training package includes three individual units and is built up completely individually in consultation. “We always recommend the Persolog DISG behavioural model as a basis. Then, on the beach or in the mountains, we discuss, among other things, leadership styles and focus on team communication issues, for example, as well as our own and others’ motivational motives,” explains Marc Weitzmann. The highlight of each Bleisure Coaching session is a leadership expedition of up to 10 kilometres on the beach and along the coast, in order to fix one’s own goals as well as strengths and challenges.

At the end, each Bleisure Coaching participant receives an action plan with all preparations, goals, content and results, which are stored in Education World, Let’s Talk Hospitality’s proprietary learning platform, to lead to successful implementation after the training.

“We don’t offer a retreat, but leaders should find time and space for themselves and in this way learn to lead themselves and others better and to manage tasks in a more focused way,” says the German, who has been working as a coach for more than 15 years. In 2018, the hotel specialist himself emigrated from Germany to Portugal in order to regularly give sales, leadership and hospitality trainings here as well as there, primarily in companies, and now he even acts as a host again: “During the Bleisure Coachings, we invite you to one of our feel-good apartments in a typical Portuguese village near the beach on the outskirts of Lisbon. And of course, if you want, you can also stay longer in Lisbon privately. Bleisure, after all.”

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Sylvie Konzack …

still knows Marc Weitzmann from Good Old Germany as a well-booked coach who has been at home for years in the human resources topics that are so pressing. Since living in Portugal with his family, he commutes between surfboard and desk in the sun and has probably never been so passionate and relaxed in his job in equal measure.

Fotos: © Marc Weitzmann

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