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My life as a Bleisure Traveller … Tim Raue

“Tim Raue is a top chef, restaurateur, advertising face and TV star. He has been travelling around the globe for three
years with the Magenta production “Herr Raue reist“
(“Mr Raue travels“). Together with his other jobs, he comes to 200 travel days a year. A real remote worker with taste. Before his ­holiday he gave us an interview.“

Tim, a workaholic goes on holiday. How do we have to imagine that?

For s years I‘ve been taking the whole month of August off to do a complete reset programme. There‘s no work. Just chilling, reading books, enjoying red wine and not thinking about work.

200 days on the road all over the world. What‘s always with you?

I‘m extreme that way. I always travel with two suitcases and two pieces of hand luggage. I take a blanket, pillow and all cosmetics with me. Always the same, for many years. With so many trips, no matter where I am, I want to define a feeling of home. I don‘t let anything touch my body that I‘m not used to.

Are you also culinary picky?

(Laughs) Of course not. If I had to use a shampoo from the hotel, I would have a problem. Trying street food anywhere in the world, no problem.

Hotel or serviced apartment?

I‘m a hotel fan. When I‘m working, I don‘t want to worry about anything. However, personally I want my peace and privacy, no room service. My room must have space and be functional, and I have to be able to open a window. I don‘t like air conditioning. It can be a 5-star hotel or a functional hotel like Motel One.

Is mobile connectivity important?

I am mobile everywhere in the world. I‘m always careful with Wi-Fi. I prefer roaming to answer my 150 emails a day.

Has the pandemic changed your travel behaviour?

I use everything that saves me time more intensively. VIP lounges with fast check-in, security checks, shuttle to the plane. The main thing is that it‘s efficient. I also make intensive use of the airlines‘ Wi-Fi, although there are still some gaps.

Is Bleisure an issue?

Yes, I would like to do that more. When I run my pop-up restaurant in the Maldives, that is of course already a kind of Bleisure. With “Mr Raue travels“ I often wish I could add a few days. That hasn‘t worked so far. Next year.

“Mr Raue travels“ is now entering its third season. Personal highlights?

Warsaw was a culinary and personal highlight. A vibrant city with incredibly nice people. Vancouver blew me away with its mix of nature and big city. Cuba – our first episode on Magenta TV in September – was a journey back in time to the 1950s. Awesome.

Three successful relays. Now there is also a very personal book for all fans.

Yes, it was very important to me – apart from the TV show – to share my feelings, experiences and recipes that I have tasted with my viewers. Therefore, from mid-September, at the start of the new season, there will be a really thick book of our culinary adventures from the previous three seasons of the show. I want to share my culinary world with the fans.

Thank you for the interview and have a great holiday, Tim. ▫

Photo: Kathy Wagner