New study: Is home office becoming a workation trend?

„More than one in three would be more relexed and happier if they could temporarily work elsewhere.” Expedia study “Work from here”

The Covid 19 crisis has made home office a perennial topic – and has already created a desire for a change of scenery: almost half (49 per cent) of German home office workers would like to work from a different location from time to time. This is the result of the current study “Work from Here” by OnePoll on behalf of Expedia, which was conducted among 8,000 employees in six countries in North America and Europe. The participants were asked about their interest in workation or remote work, i.e. moving the home office to another, arbitrary location outside the office or residence.

Happier, more productive, more relaxed

According to the survey, 37 percent of the 1,000 German respondents would not only be more relaxed and happier with a workation option in the company (33 percent), but about the same number (31 percent) are of the opinion that a workation would make them more productive. Employer support is definitely there: Almost half (48 percent) of the German study participants believe that their bosses would support them in working from a different location.

Remote work instead of balcony holidays

The interest in workation even goes so far that a clear majority (55 percent) would rather work from a holiday location than take a holiday at home. Among Generation Z (those born between 1997 and 2012), the figure is as high as 68 percent. Above all, natural places are in demand, such as lakes, the sea and the mountains, and here especially corresponding holiday flats (58 percent) or luxury hotels (30 percent). The most important equipment criteria for the German respondents include WLAN (58 percent) and a dedicated work area (43 percent).
Expedia can also confirm the workation trend based on the booking behaviour of its customers, especially through a significant increase in demand for long-term stays of 15 to 30 days in recent years.

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