Private jets as a safe flight alternative: GlobeAir flights now bookable worldwide on platforms

„Time-saving, guaranteed, few contacts – private jet flights have developed into a presentable travel alternative since Corona at the latest. GlobeAir has now made its flights bookable on all platforms with its own IATA code.” Sylvie Konzack

The travel world is upside down. Since the corona eruption, travel offers for business and leisure travelers have changed completely worldwide and traveling has been confronted with unknown hurdles. In addition to official regulations through travel warnings, Covid 19 testing requirements and new safety regulations, the route networks and frequencies of airlines have been massively reduced. In addition, there are numerous short-term flight postponements, which have made it much more difficult to plan travel.

According to vague forecasts by the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROControl), commercial airlines will only serve a maximum of 40 percent of the usual volume until January 2021, and even in February 2021 this figure will rise to no more than 50 percent. This is a development that has brought private jet operators increasingly into the picture: “Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have seen an enormous increase in inquiries and bookings of our private jet flights,” says GlobeAir CEO Bernhard Fragner during an on-site visit to Linz in Austria. More than 15 years ago, as a light jet enthusiast and frequent business traveler, he himself began flying to his appointments in order to save time. In 2007, he founded the airline GlobeAir as a start-up and today has around 150 employees with a diverse customer base ranging from sports and Formula 1 teams to individual business and leisure travelers.

Private jet flights make travel possible despite Corona

The increased demand for private jet flights is primarily due to the significantly lower probability of infection: “When flying with a commercial airline, about 700 touchpoints are created by contact with strangers,” emphasizes Dieter Pammer, Director Business Development at GlobeAir. “When flying in a private jet, including travel to the airport, there are only 20 points of contact.” Added to this are flexible, time-saving departure destinations with transfer services, a boarding procedure via private jet terminals that takes around 15 minutes, and the guarantee that the flight will always be on time as booked.

The team of around 50 pilots flies a light jet fleet of Cessna Citation Mustang jets for up to four people. Almost 1,000 destinations in Europe are possible, including business metropolises such as London, Zurich, Paris, Nice or Milan as well as small airports in Samedan, St. Moritz, Bolzano etc., which are difficult to reach. In terms of price, charter flights are close to business class tickets, and there are often last-minute options for empty flights. For complete packages, GlobeAir also works with hotels, transfer companies and travel agents. The airline has just launched the “One Million Jet Card” as a private jet customer card for private travelers and companies, which will be issued once in December 2020 – with over 300 private jet flights within five years and unlimited last-minute flights and limousine transfers.

Private jet flights bookable under IATA code W2

Recently, the airline’s connections have also been bookable via global distribution systems (GDS) under the IATA airline code “W2”. This means that anyone can book a private jet flight themselves using all the usual booking platforms or via a travel agency. “By connecting to the GDS systems we can make our service available to a broad target group worldwide at the push of a button and can also act as an alternative for unusual flight routes in Europe,” explains Bernhard Fragner (photo: 1st from left, with Dieter Pammer). Whether for a business trip, a private extension of the trip or remote work – private jet flying is thus becoming a bit more of an option for everyone.

Sylvie Konzack …

finds that the salonability of private jets brings so much music to the travel options, both with and to Corona. Not only because you can be safer and more reliable mobile, but because flying is once again more part of the travel experience.

Photos: © GlobeAir, Konzack


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