What is Bleisure?


“Bleisure travel is increasingly becoming a European trend, driven mainly by the southern European nations.” Result of the Travel Trend Report 2019 from Avis

In a Europe-wide comparison, Italians extend their business trip the most, by a few days’ holiday (54 per cent). The Spanish and French follow with 42 percent and 34 percent respectively. Among Germans, 31 percent stated in the Travel Trend Report 2019 by Avis that they spend more time at their destination for Bleisure stays. Overall, according to the tenor of the study published at the end of 2019, Bleisure travel is on the rise throughout Europe.

Everyone wants sightseeing and relaxation

“While traveling for work is a beautiful thing for many. But we know that it can be stressful due to travel time, time zones and workload. However, our report shows that travellers make the most of their trip and take the time to explore new cities and places,” says Martin Gruber, Managing Director – Central Europe, Avis Budget Group. When asked about activities at the Bleisure location, most respondents indicated that they use the time for sightseeing (51 percent) and relaxation (48 percent). More than two thirds are also interested in nearby destinations (41 percent) and enjoying local specialities (35 percent). 28 percent explicitly want to discover secret tips. More than one in five (22 percent) also take the opportunity to visit friends and family. When asked about their means of transport, a road trip is the preferred form of mobility for one-fifth of Germans. For the city trip, 13 percent prefer the car, because of its independence and to discover hidden gems.

Thinking mobility combined

For the Travel Trend Report by Avis, 5,000 adults in Germany, the UK, France, Spain and Italy were surveyed in April 2019. Other findings include the fact that business travellers and companies now want to book transport options in an unbureaucratic and cost-effective manner, which the industry is responding to with more mobility offers on demand and via apps. At the same time, Avis surveys in the USA show that mobility alternatives are increasingly in demand among business travelers. “It is essential that different mobility players work together to meet the future needs of consumers,” said Keith Rankin, President International of Avis Budget Group. Avis cooperates with the European bike-sharing provider Nextbike, among others.

Foto: Konzack