Bleisure Traveller with Employer Loyalty Awards

Employer loyalty is now seen as an opportunity and a challenge for companies. In 2024, Bleisure Traveller and the initiators of the German Bonus Awards will present the Employer Loyalty Awards to the best companies.”

Employer loyalty is already being practised in companies, also with topics such as bleisure travel and workation as important benefits within the framework of employee loyalty programmes. “We want to give the best concepts a stage with the Employer Loyalty Awards,“ says Sylvie Konzack, Editor-in-Chief of Bleisure Traveller. The awards are part of the German Bonus Awards and will be presented in 2024 in two expert jury categories: Employer Loyalty Rewards and Employer Loyalty Workation.

In the Rewards category, the best Employer Loyalty Programme in its entirety of benefits, the best supplier and the best innovation will be awarded. In the Workation category, the best Workation programme of a company, the best destination for Workation and the best hotel that implements the Workation idea will be selected.

Applications in both categories are open until September 30th 2023, not only service providers and suppliers, but above all companies from all sectors that position themselves as attractive employers with their employer loyalty programme. Simply register at

Photo: © iStock_Flashvector

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