Hawaii Hang Loose

“Business in Hawaii? Sure, but it’s a matter of relaxation.” Kai Böcking

Aloha! A business trip to Hawaii? Nowadays it’s hard to sell even to the most creative people. Of course, business is also done on the Pacific island – only in the “Hang Loose Style”. Oh yes, and the German hit classic by Paul Kuhn from the 1960s was already on the wrong track back then: There is indeed beer in Hawaii, the most popular local variety is surprisingly called “Longboard” …

Business Transportation

To get to Honolulu you have to go around half the globe. All you have to do is decide which way you want to go. Via the American west coast or via Asia – nothing is less than 20 hours. If you want to travel via the USA or Canada to the Pacific Paradise, you should be careful: Many Hawaii flights (e.g. American Airlines, Delta or Air Canada Rouge) do not offer real business class, but a deceptive package of economy seats with a little more legroom and free drinks.

Business Stay

Honolulu is considered to be one of the most expensive US destinations. Almost all vital things are imported from the mainland, and you can see that in the restaurants, shops and hotels. At Ballermann Hawaiis, Waikiki Beach, there are hundreds of hotels. They are mostly unadorned concrete buildings of well-known chains, which mainly accommodate noisy tourists in shrill Hawaiian shirts. Anyone appearing here in a business suit is conspicuous. The new hotel The Laylow (Autograph Collection) is a block away from the beach – and is an oasis of peace. It is quite expensive and therefore (almost) free of excessive bachelor parties at the pool.

Also very nice: the boutique hotel The Modern – young, urban and pleasantly relaxed.

Business Food

Hang Loose, the loose way of life of the Hawaiians, is also noticeable in the gastronomy – so you can leave your jacket at home. All the larger hotels have restaurants, bars and coffee shops (the most popular coffee, by the way, is called “Kai”). A must for me is the view of the Pacific Ocean. The “House Without A Key” in the Halekulani-Hotel is directly on the beach. Food and drinks are not cheap, the live music is sometimes too much, but the freshly caught Mahi Mahi makes you forget it.

Business Afterwork

Once the sun is gone, Honolulu turns into a big bar. For those who prefer a relaxed atmosphere and do not want to drink from Margarita pitchers for 50 (!) Dollars, I recommend the bar “Rum Fire”. Again, the view of the Pacific is breathtaking, and the fire torches create a atmospheric ambience. Planters Punch, Mai Tai and Co. are professionally served by the bar team – the boys all look like surf pros. After the third glass, I can bear even the emotional 100th version of the ukulele-go-getter “Over the Rainbow”.

Kai Böcking …

Has caught himself in the Hawaiian’s “Hang Loose Style” because it is extremely contagious. Even the stressful shooting of a TV documentary turned out to be a kind of class trip with work feel to it. All fellow travelers were glad that the warning of the musician Paul Kuhn, “There is no beer in Hawaii”, did not correspond to the truth.

Fotos: © iStock.com/Bike Maverick, Christian Horan