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Insurer introduces workation tariff

HanseMerkur has a new travel insurance policy in its programme for up to 184 workation days per year. Companies can use it to cover their employees during workation stays abroad.”

Working with a mountain view, jumping into the waves during your lunch break and discovering the holiday resort after work – until now, HanseMerkur could only cover business trips or tourist trips and not this combination of work and holiday. With the new “Workation” tariff, this is now also possible for longer stays abroad.

Employers conclude a group contract with the insurance company for this purpose, in which the companies can register all Workation employees up to the age of 67 and also their dependents. Employees automatically receive a confirmation of insurance after booking their trip. The employer is the policyholder and the insured persons are the respective employees.
The tariff allows for stays abroad of up to 184 days per year. The premium is calculated on a daily basis. In addition, the employer can determine whether it is paid by the company or the employees.

The focus of the insurance cover is on the benefits of the HanseMerkur health insurance abroad for the duration of the workation, also in the case of pre-existing conditions. In addition, accompanying persons for children are insured, as are dental prostheses and pregnancy treatments. In addition, the tariff also includes medically appropriate return transport.

“Working from anywhere, especially with the option of combining work and holidays, is becoming increasingly popular due to digitalisation,” says Katrin Rieger, Divisional Director Travel Sales Germany at HanseMerkur. “However, there are still fears of contact among many companies, for example with regard to employee safety. We would like to alleviate at least this concern with our Workation tariff.”


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