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London is Workation’s No. 1 destination

40 cities in Europe were analysed for the top 10 best workation destinations in Europe. Five of them are in Spain. Italy and Moldova are also represented.”

The list for Europe’s workstation hotspots is based on the analysis factors broadband speed in the respective city, number of coworking spaces, number of attractions and the price of a coffee. According to its evaluation, the online comparison provider Compare the Market sees the metropolis of London in first place. Although the British capital is expensive, measured by the price of coffee at just under 4 euros, it has the most coworking spaces (1,312) and, with over 8,000, the most attractions.

In second place is the Andalusian city of Seville with the fastest broadband speed in Europe (255.13 Mb/s) and a relatively low coffee price of 1.61 euros, but otherwise low values. In third place is Barcelona with 189 coworking spaces and quite a few cultural highlights, followed by Madrid and Valencia, both of which also offer numerous attractions and inexpensive cafés and bars. Valencia also scores with sandy beaches and the third fastest broadband speed (166.64 Mb/s) among the European top 10. In addition, Zaragoza is among the top 10, making Spain the most cities in this ranking with five and the workation hotspot country.

Two Italian cities are also in the top 10 in Europe: Rome in seventh place overall and Naples in 10th place, with one of the slowest broadband speeds in Europe at 46.92 Mb/s, but over 6,000 attractions and the second cheapest coffee price of the top 10 cities. Naples is among the cities with the fewest coworking places, as is Moldova’s capital Kishinev, but both score highly on low prices. Budapest in 6th place is in the Workation midfield with almost all values.

Eastern Europe ahead Central and Northern Europe

In addition to Palermo and Milan, many Eastern European cities such as Prague, Krakow, Belgrade, Sofia and Bucharest are ranked next.
Metropolises like Paris and Berlin only land in 19th and 21st place respectively, because although there is a lot to do and there are some coworking spaces, especially in Berlin the internet speed of 81.9 Mb/s leaves a lot to be desired. Vienna ranks 34th, and Scandinavian cities such as Stockholm and Copenhagen land in 43rd and 45th place, mainly because of high prices.

“The popularity of remote working has multiplied since the pandemic,” says Adrian Taylor, general manager of general insurance at Compare the Market AU. “Many people around the world are placing an increasing emphasis on work-life balance, and what better way to do that than to be able to start exploring a new place as soon as work is done for the day?”

Photos: © iStock.com_franckreporter, Compare the Markt AU

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