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Adina Hotels with exchange programme

Working from anywhere … at Adina Hotels this is now possible with the internal Go Global programme. Four employees are currently taking part in the first round of the programme and are changing jobs in Australia and Europe.” Sylvie Konzack

People who work at the hotel reception or in service can naturally only make limited use of workation opportunities. Adina Hotels has therefore developed the Go Global exchange programme. This gives employees of the Australian aparthotel group the opportunity to work and travel in European Adina Hotels for up to six months. Conversely, the European colleagues travel to the hotels in Australia.

“The Go Global programme is an offer that we make available to all our employees at Adina – regardless of whether they work at reception, in management or in the respective head offices,” explains Agnes Lindner, Director of People & Capability at Adina Hotels Europe. “The aim is to promote exchange, both in terms of operational processes and on a personal level, while offering a unique opportunity to accelerate professional and personal learning in a new cultural context.”

From Bondi Beach to Berlin

Australian Diana Quinones-Silva (photo above), Cluster General Manager of the Adina Hotel Bondi Beach and Adina Hotel Coogee Sydney, has been travelling in Germany since July 2023. She became part of the teams at the Adina Hotels in Berlin, Munich and Düsseldorf and learnt about German culture, regional differences and exciting practical examples.

Conversely, the German Nikol Onodi – actually Front Office Supervisor at the Adina Hotel Stuttgart – has been in Sydney since September in the head office of the parent company TFE and various Adina Hotels and will soon be travelling to Brisbane. Angela di Gennaro, on the other hand, is a Relief Assistant Manager in this country, i.e. a stand-in in various hotels and cities, and has been supporting the hotel teams in Sydney since the beginning of October. “Spending several months in Australia and being able to immerse myself in the culture without having to give up my secure job at home – it’s an absolute dream! I’ve already made memories and friendships that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I’ve also already learnt a lot from a professional perspective, which I will also benefit from in Germany. I am very grateful that Adina as an employer makes this possible,” says Angela di Gennaro, who will soon be travelling on to Melbourne and Brisbane and is expected to be away until February.

Nikol Onodi, Jason Stobbs & Angela di Gennaro

Fourth candidate and second round

Regional Revenue Manager Jason Stobbs is still in the starting blocks for the exchange trip. He is expected to fly from Perth to Berlin in the next few days to work in Adina’s European head office, but will also visit several locations to familiarise himself with the teams, processes and intersections.

“We are already planning for the coming year. Employees who meet the requirements for participation can apply at the beginning of 2024 to take part in the second round of the programme,” reports Agnes Lindner. “In Talent Scouting, too, we can see that the programme is attracting a lot of interest and making Adina even more attractive as an employer. This reinforces our decision that Go Global must continue.”

Sylvie Konzack …

thinks the programme is wonderful. Because as much as hotels per se stand for travelling and working all over the world, many employees no longer want to have to move all the time. And another practical side effect: every employee finds a suitable place to stay at Adina, because each serviced apartment has its own living, sleeping and kitchen area and there is almost always a pool in the building. Workation made easy.

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