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Viva Detox at Altaussee

„Medical clinics are allowed to stay open during lockdown and travel restrictions. So instead of a bleisure trip, I go on a one-week F.X.Mayr cure in Austria – at Vivamayr in Altaussee. A pure belly and head rehabilitation, as it soon turns out.” Kai Böcking

During the first Corona lockdown in spring 2020, I had already taken the chance to do something good for my body – and, as it turned out, my mind as well: ten days of Buchinger therapeutic fasting at Buchinger Wilhelmi on Lake Constance, thus “winding down” to zero and coming out with 100 per cent energy and zest for action. This experience carried me easily through the Corona summer, despite a lot of travelling and stressful situations.

With autumn, the famous battery emptied – and at the same time the second lockdown followed. Without Corona, I would have extended my business trip in a nice place, eaten well, done a few wellness rounds and trusted in the self-recovery effect. But all the hotels are closed, only medical centres and vitality clinics remain open. So I take a cure, a purification and detoxification cure – and it turns out: what stupid, old-fashioned words for the Vivamayr at Altaussee in Austria. The drive to the temple of the modern F.X.Mayr cure alone, past the mighty Dachstein massif, inspires the spirit. “Sissi was here anyway,” they say in conversation, because the princess was considered an ardent fan of the place, as was actor Klaus Maria Brandauer, who was born here. And a few scenes of the James Bond classic “Spectre” were filmed here in the Salzkammergut. So there is a lot of energy at the lake.

Yes, you can

Now, a detox or detoxification cure, as I learned from my Buchinger fasting break, is not a walk in the park, but a consistent commitment to the irrepressible know-how of doctors and nutrition experts. And you really have to want to do that.

On arrival at the high-class clinic, which opened in 2015, the feeling quickly sets in with a view of the feel-good look: Yes, you can. But first the Corona test is obligatory. I am allowed to look around for two hours, then the negative result is confirmed. I can now move into my room, with a view of the Altaussee lake, a balcony and a large bathroom with a Japanese high-tech toilet with flush arm. Everything is bright and spacious, the prospect of a week of stomach and head renovation is promising.


Everything revolves around chewing

The detox concept of the Vivamayr Medical Center is simple: maximum F.X. Mayr therapy with modern, medical therapy and analysis procedures. The whole thing with the conviction: “You can turn bad genes into good ones and vice versa,” reports the house’s managing director, Dr Dieter Resch.

70 percent of his guests come from abroad and undergo the strict rules of the F.X.Mayr cure 2.0 for one, two or more weeks. Stale bread and milk are out. Instead, cold chambers (-110°C), water Shiatsu, oxygen therapy (IHHT hypoxytraining), spiroergometry and bio-frequency measurement are combined with bloodletting, massage, foot baths and liver compresses.

I am looked after by Dr Sepp Fegerl throughout the week. I see the slim expert behind the mask every day, he “plans” my daily routine, he prescribes bloodletting and a light diet, massages and infusions. Yes, he sends me on my personal Mars expedition. Because the principle of a cure at Vivamayr is the individual analysis of the engine room: the abdomen, muscles, skin, eyes, posture. And it all starts with conscious eating and especially chewing.

“Conscious chewing has always been the basis of Mayr’s research”. In detail, this means: chewing 40 times, without liquid to eat – deceleration in food intake. The choice of my meals is limited, but delicious. Add to that the star restaurant ambience, flooded with light, with fine, multilingual service and little cards indicating all the things I’m not allowed to do: talk, read WhatsApp and eat milk and fructose as an extra arrangement for me.

From day 3 the James Bond trip begins

The Vivamayr offers space for up to 70 guests. Every treatment is adjusted every day, every therapist knows what ailments and ailments everyone has – which means that you are sometimes greeted with the words: “Ah, I already know what we have to tackle.”

It takes me two days to get used to the daily Glauber’s salt for bowel cleansing, the urine deliveries, the tight treatment schedule and the same meals every time. From day 3, I’m on the James Bond trip with seven-kilometre-around-the-lake walks in less than 1.5 hours, with an hour’s swim in the pool and eating a tablespoon of pure linseed oil three times a day. At the end of my week at the gastrointestinal astronaut training centre, my doctor squeezes my hand and hands me a thick folder of examination reports, dietary and exercise advice. “See you again,” he says. “And let me know how you’re doing in a few weeks.” Mission completed!

Kai Böcking …

wants to do another Ayurveda cure at home in 2021. Then, after Buchinger fasting and F.X.Mayr during the Corona Lockdowns, he will have experienced and lived through all kinds of “Medical-Bleisure”. An experience for life, as he finds.


At a glance

Getting there: The Vivamayr Medical Center Altaussee is located at the western tip of Lake Altaussee. It takes about an hour by car from Munich and Vienna, and a good hour from Salzburg.
The Medical Center Altaussee: … is part of the international Vivamayr world, which is based on the principle of modern Mayr medicine and thus on diagnostics and therapy according to Dr. F.X. Mayr. Another medical centre is located in Maria Wörth am Wörthersee, Austria, which is considered the cradle of Modern Mayr Medicine. In addition, there are Day Clinics in Vienna and London as well as Clinic Dates in Mumbai, New Delhi, Istanbul or Moscow for follow-up examinations.
The Medical Center Altaussee boasts a medical area of around 1,800 square metres, which includes the following areas: Medicine (Modern Mayr Medicine, Orthomolecular, TCM, Homotoxicology), Diagnostics (Laboratory, Functional Myodiagnostics), Personal Training, Yoga and Exercise Therapy, Hydrotherapy and Kneipp as well as Massages, Manual Treatments and Watsu, i.e. Water Shiatsu. In the “living area” there are 60 rooms and suites as well as four Park Residences with lake view, in the wellness area there is a saline swimming pool, a salt steam bath, saunas, infrared cabins, beauty offers and a fitness room. There is a golf course in the vicinity and numerous sports activities such as rowing, Nordic walking and skiing.
Address: Vivamayr Medical Center Altaussee, Fischerndorf 222, A-8992 Altaussee, Österreich, +43 3622 71450,

Photos: © Böcking, Reto Guntli (Vivamayr)