One year home office in Barbados?

“Barbados has launched the new ‘Welcome Stamp Visa’ programme. This allows visitors to Barbados to live and work on the Caribbean island for up to twelve months.”

Working in paradise? The government of Barbados is now making this possible for a maximum of one year with its new visa offer. This is in response to Covid-19 and the new way of working, especially in view of the increased demand for home office solutions. “So far, visitors have come to us for up to three weeks or a month – why not work from here and take advantage of our benefits,” says Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley. “To those who want to work from Barbados over the next 12 months, we can now give them the assurance that this is possible.”

The Caribbean island would represent a stable society with a functioning health system and high standards of education – including sun, beach and sea. Companies with their employees, digital nomads and families benefit in Barbados from the fastest fibre optic internet and mobile phone network in the Caribbean, according to official sources. In addition, there are flexible office offers and a range of housing options from affordable studios to luxurious condos on the beach.

According to the government, Barbados was not greatly affected by Covid-19, due to the countermeasures that are still in place today. There were just over 100 cases of infection per 280,000 inhabitants. The opening of the border would also have had no negative consequences for visitors. “Barbados is the perfect place to stay longer,” the Prime Minister is convinced.

The 12-month Barbados Welcome Stamp Visa can be applied for immediately at www.barbadoswelcomestamp.bb and entitles the holder to live and work on the island. The visa costs US$2,000 for individuals and US$3,000 for families. A renewed application is possible. Applicants are not liable to income tax in Barbados.

Photo: © Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.

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